Hot Desks

What is Hot Desking?
‘Hot Desking’ (also known as flexible work), refers to a working arrangement where employees in an organization have no assigned workstations. Desks are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. As opposed to the traditional office set-up, workers have more flexibility over where they decide to work in an open-plan office.

Pros of Hot Desking
It’s more cost-effective – Hot desking is an effective way for organizations to save on overhead costs. As less office space is being used, organizations invest less on expenses such as desks, office materials, electricity, etc, and can redirect these savings on to more useful resources. It also allows workers to use vacant space more constructively for meetings or as break-out areas.

Cleaner work environments – Hot desking results in less cluttered areas as clients must ensure space is cleared for the next person. There is no option of personalizing workstations and thus, it creates a more minimalist workspace.

Appealing commercial structure - NZ as a whole is moving towards more flexible working arrangements, hot-desking is an ideal method in catering to these workers or those who travel regionally and require a commercial space to operate on an as-required basis. 

$10.00 + gst per person/desk up to 3 hours or $20.00 + gst for all day, availability is a first come first served basis and include all facilities listed below.

Any available desk in the shared workspace. Access 9.00am - 4.30pm. Advanced booking required. Secure deadlock personalised pin access to the office.  Includes use of: Desk stand or sitting options, Ergonomic chair (Media Ergo) Unlimited internet access (Fibre), Printing and Scanning facilities, Shared kitchen facilities for tea, coffee, water etc (self-serve) Meeting spaces (reception, conference area)

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